Microsoft presented a teaser for the July presentation of Xbox exclusives. She depicted it as a Windows desktop Wallpaper, where some folder names are game names. The image was posted on Twitter.

Among the titles in the image, you can see Halo Infinite and Cyberpunk 2077. The other folder names don’t reveal the names of the games, but they hint at what users should expect at the presentation. For example, information about the Project xCloud cloud service and Smart Delivery, as well as announcements from internal Xbox studios.

The presentation of Xbox series x exclusives will take place on July 23 at 19: 00 Moscow time. Earlier, the network reported that the event will be attended by representatives of the Undead Labs Studio-they own the State of Decay series.

JAMES on meta in Dota 2: “I Want to see new heroes and a more active gameĀ»

Support Team Empire JAMA James Abdurashitov shared his opinion about meta in Dota 2. the eSports Player noted that he would like to see new heroes and a more aggressive style of play. Abdurashitov said this in an interview with the team portal.

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JAMA jAMES Abdurashitov:
“To be honest, we are tired of the same characters, as well as the fact that there is a more passive game. Farm is more valuable than the Ganges. I want to see new characters and a more active game, but at the same time there is a balance between farming and Ganges.”

JAMES also named his dream in eSports. He stated that he wants to win the series the International.

JAMA James Abdurashitov:
“My dream, like many players, is the same. This is, of course, to experience the feeling of winning LAN tournaments and lift Aegis of Champions over your head.”

Earlier, Abdurashitov told about the team’s participation in the BEYOND EPIC tournament for Europe and the CIS. Then he noted that the team wanted to get a new experience of playing at the shooting range-1 level and did not set a goal to win.