Asobo Studio announced that the final stage of alpha testing of Microsoft Flight Simulator will begin on July 9. After launching the last stage, the developers will prepare a closed beta. Information about this appeared on the official website of the Studio.

The exact date of the start of closed beta testing is unknown — it was promised to be called later. Previously, Asobo Studio planned to start this stage in mid-July, but now it is likely to be launched at the end of the month.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is in alpha testing since the end of 2019. The exact release date of the game developers have not yet announced. At the moment, it is known that it will be released before the end of 2020, but not before August.

RodjER: “When I was playing, bootcamps were a very important part»

HellRaisers player Vladimir RodjER Nikoghosyan spoke about the 7.27 patch for Dota 2, and also shared his opinion about the current game form In an interview he noted that his former team lacks a collective Bootcamp, and with the return of LAN tournaments, players will also be motivated.

According to RodjER, patch 7.27 introduced some nice changes for support. The esportsman believes that this update can also affect the placement of lines and return the 3-1-1 scheme to the meta.

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Vladimir RodjER Nikoghosyan:
“The same Tranquill Boots have become cheaper: nice. Smoke of Deceit has become cheaper, you can buy early to CD went. Tome of Knowledge has become cheaper: also nice. There are a lot of such small pleasures for saps. I also noticed that a lot of money is given for kills and streaks. Too much. <…>

Rather, it was done so that all sorts of heroes and saps who “split”,” skip “bundles and “space”, so that they gave less for them. Because it didn’t even make sense to kill them before. <…>

I believe that now triple lines will appear much more often. Again, the kill formula was changed. More experience is given. It is profitable now to kill three of one hero. So everything will be more active.”

RodjER is confident that with the return of LAN tournaments, and other teams will be more motivated to train. The player suggested that this may be the reason for the decline of his former team.

Vladimir RodjER Nikoghosyan:
“There are only Solo and Noone left. Three other players joined them. I don’t know what kind of atmosphere they have in the team right now. Perhaps this is due to the loss of motivation due to the fact that the tournaments are online. They don’t give their best. Plus they don’t have bootcamps right now. When I was playing in, boot camps were a very important part. We talked about DotA, thought different things together, “timberlines”. Perhaps they will play better when LAN tournaments and majors appear again.”

July 3 HellRaisers and they met in the first round of the top bracket of Parimatch League Season 3. the Match ended with a score of 2: 1 in favor of Alexey Solo Berezin’s team.