Rumor: Burning Crusade Classic Official Coming May 2021

A new leak reveals the release date of the official Burning Crusade Classic server, which will likely replace World of WarCraft: Classic. The information came from the YouTube channel Staysafe TV, which links to unnamed but trusted sources. According to the data, beta testing of Burning Crusade Classic will begin in mid-February. It will be […]

Gamers have found an unusual way to pass dungeons in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Fans of World of Warcraft have discovered that Shadowlands has the ability to throw elite NPCs into the abyss during the passage of dungeons. This can be done by priests using the “mind Control” ability. You can drop the enemy into the abyss in the dungeons “Mists of Tierna Skitt” and “Spires of rebirth”. When […]