Former captain of the chaos CS squad:GO Joshua steel Nissan moved to the 100 Thieves team by Valorant. Nissan left the previous roster on September 1 and was supposed to take the position of the club’s official streamer.

In addition to steel, Valorant’s 100 Thieves includes captain Spencer Hiko Martin and Nick nitr0 Cannella. Both players have played CS: GO in the past. Cannella moved to Valorant in mid-August — at the beginning of the month, he was excluded from Team Liquid.

On August 14, 100 Thieves disbanded the first line-up for the shooter from Riot Games, only Hiko retained his place in the team. Who else will join the roster is unknown.

Media: the price for the PlayStation 5 may be €599 instead of €499

Sony will sell the PlayStation 5 for €599 for the Blu-ray version and €499 for the non-Blu-ray version. This was reported by the French portal Xboxygen, although earlier other sources said that the PS5 will cost €100 cheaper.

The authors of the publication did not say where the information about the cost of the console was taken from. At the same time, they clarified that plans for the release date have not changed either Microsoft or Sony — as previously planned, the Xbox Series X will go on sale a couple of weeks earlier than the PS5.

The PlayStation 5 should be available in retail stores by the end of 2020. The exact release date is still unknown. Insiders say that presumably the console can be purchased from November 14.

Astralis changed the squad before the second match of the ESL Pro League Season 12

Astralis presented a modified squad that will play in the second match at ESL Pro League Season 12 on CS: GO. In the meeting with FaZe Clan, Patrick es3tag Hansen will compete instead of Lukas Bubzkji Andersen.

Earlier, captain Lucas gla1ve Rossander returned to the active roster of Astralis. Before that, he spent several months on vacation, and during ESL One Cologne 2020 Online, he helped the team as an assistant coach. In the opening match of EPL Season 12, Rossander’s line-up with Bubzkji lost to Complexity Gaming with a score of 0: 2.

ESL Pro League Season 12 for Europe runs from September 1 to October 4 online. 16 teams play for $450,000. To monitor the progress of the competition in repotage.