An Australian court has sentenced Sony to a $2.4 million fine for violating consumer rights. The Japanese company refused four users who tried to return the purchased games. Sony pleaded guilty.

The trial began in 2018. Sony representatives told four customers that the possibility of a refund is blocked immediately after downloading the game from the PSN or 14 days after purchase, if the title has never been launched.

This policy of Sony is contrary to Australian law. Rod Sims, Chairman of the national competition and consumer Commission, noted that digital purchases are covered by the same warranty as physical copies of games, and it cannot be revoked due to Sony’s internal rules.

The Australian court document stated that the games that users tried to return were “defective”. Whether the product was damaged or simply did not satisfy consumers ‘ tastes is not specified.

The court also drew attention to another violation on the part of Sony: representatives of the company’s technical support told one of the clients that they would only be able to reimburse him for the cost of the game in the PlayStation virtual currency. Rod Sims indicated that the company must return the money in the form in which it was paid for the product.

Sony agreed with the court’s decision and will pay a fine, as well as reimburse all the costs of the regulator in the case. Representatives of the company did not comment on the situation.

Media: filming of the second season of “the Witcher” will resume in mid-summer

Filming for the second season of Netflix’s “the Witcher” may resume in late July or mid-August. This opinion was reached by redanian Intelligence journalists with reference to an interview with the production Director of the series, Bob Terry.

In a conversation with Deadline reporters, Terry said that work is currently underway to open a Studio where filming will resume. Over the next two weeks, Terry will talk to team members to finalize the site’s safety rules.

The release of the second season of “the Witcher” from Netflix is scheduled for 2021. The debut of the show took place at the end of 2019. It was warmly received by critics and fans, and had a positive impact on sales of the franchise’s games.