A new leak reveals the release date of the official Burning Crusade Classic server, which will likely replace World of WarCraft: Classic.

The information came from the YouTube channel Staysafe TV, which links to unnamed but trusted sources. According to the data, beta testing of Burning Crusade Classic will begin in mid-February. It will be short-lived, because then several events are announced:

The pre-patch for WoW: Classic, subtitled Burning Crusade, is due out on April 14 (Europe).
Burning Crusade Classic kicks off worldwide on May 4th.
It turns out that there are just over four months left before players can travel to Outland.

It is not yet clear whether the information from the leak is believed or not. Blizzard is likely to release official information about the Burning Crusade Classic at BlizzConline in February.

It is worth noting that if everything goes according to the leak, then the BC release schedule is similar to what it was during the “vanilla” version. Naxxramas appeared almost 6 months before The Burning Crusade kicked off.

Demonstration of the visual effects of Gran Saga in a fresh trailer

Mobile MMORPG Gran Saga will go to the long-awaited release in January 2021, and before that there will be a pre-registration stage for devices running Android and IOS.

And in honor of these imminent events, the authors of the upcoming novelty continue to stir up the interest of players with fresh trailers. In the new video below, you can watch a lot of visual effects on the Unreal Engine 4, as well as the beautiful landscapes of Gran Saga. Recall that earlier the developers showed the gameplay trailer in 4K quality.

Gran Saga is a mobile MMORPG originally from Korea, on the development of which significant funds have been spent. The game is one of the first such projects for NPIXEL studio and will be released in the Korean market in January 2021. The release in the west is still unknown.

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