Valorant game Director Joe Ziegler said that the development team has started creating a leaderboard. In a tweet, he clarified that there is no exact release date for this feature yet.

Joe Ziegler:
“For those of you waiting for the leaderboard in the game: we are currently working on this feature! We don’t have an exact release date yet, but we’re still working on it. I’ll let you know when we get to the finish line.”
The studio announced that it plans to introduce the leaderboard in Valorant, in early October. Riot Games also added the ability to choose your preferred server.

Previously, the authors of Valorant fixed problems with sound on the Icebox map and a bug with a client crash. As a result of the update, issues with audio latency, loading screens, and others were resolved. In addition, the developers promised to eliminate the hangups that users of the shooter encountered.

Mountain Dew and PUBG Mobile announced a collaboration

Fizzy drink brand Mountain Dew and playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile developers have announced a partnership. Players are waiting for temporary changes on the Paramo map, and the brand will sponsor several tournaments.

As part of the collaboration, new Mountain Dew gas stations will appear on the PUBG Mobile map for a limited time. At special refueling points, players will be able to get access to unique trophies: t-shirts, parachutes, game coupons and coins.

The fizzy drinks brand will sponsor three mobile game tournaments in 2020: PUBG Mobile Pro League Americas, PUBG Mobile World League and PUBG Mobile Global Championship.

In September 2020, a collaboration was announced between PUBG Mobile and K-pop group BLACKPINK, in which an in-game event takes place in the mobile game from September 20 to November 2, and metro trains with the symbols of the app and the music group were launched in Thailand.