S4 played two thousand cards on the professional Dota 2 scene

S4 2012 2012 году. Team Team Empire, Copenhagen Wolves, Team Secret, Evil Geniuses, OG Alliance Alliance, International The International 2013.

Winstrike Team and Lil team will compete for the last slot in the closed qualification for OMEGA League.

Winstrike Team, MEMENAME, Euronics Gaming and ScaryFaceZ 2 0 will compete in the last chance bracket for a place in the closed qualifiers for OMEGA League Dota 2. the Matches will be held on July 31.

Previously, Khan, EXTREMUM, TEMPO and Cyberium Seed passed through the open qualification for teams from South-Eastern Europe to the next stage. It will take place on August 1-9.

According to the results of the closed qualifiers, the two strongest teams will get places in the Immortal division, the participants of which will draw $500 thousand, and the teams that took 3-4 places will get to the second division — Divine, the prize Fund of which will be $50 thousand. The main stage of the OMEGA League will be held from August 10 to September 5.

The total number of players in the Sims 4 has exceeded 30 million

In total, more than 30 million people have played the Sims 4 on all platforms over the past six years. Information about this appeared in the financial report of Electronic Arts.

As of January 2020, the number of players was 20 million. The publisher said that in the first quarter of fiscal year 2020, the Sims 4 set records for daily, weekly and monthly online play. In June, it became known that the title is played by more than 10 million people a month.

The Sims 4 life simulator was released in 2014. The average rating of the game on the aggregator Metacritic is 70 out of 100 from the press and 4.1 out of 10 from users. On June 18, the Sims 4 became available on Steam.

Horror and Halloween-Valve has opened the reception of works for the autumn Treasury

Valve has started accepting sets for the autumn Treasury in Dota 2. the Theme of the works should be autumn and Halloween, but artists can also offer other similar ideas in meaning and mood. All kits must be uploaded to Dota 2 Workshop marked Fall 2020 no later than September 24.

Valve also said that it plans to give artists more creative freedom and wants to add more items to the fall Treasury than usual. The developers of Dota 2 reminded that the authors of sets should avoid using any concepts related to human skulls, blood, and other elements of cruelty.

Previously, Halloween-themed sets appeared in the international 2020 Collector’s Cache, which was released on July 3. After its release, many users noticed that Valve removed the cross from the back of Pudge, which caused confusion among fans.

Media: New Call of Duty logo printed on Doritos packaging

On the packaging of Doritos chips found the logo Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War-netizens suggested that this name will be the next part of the franchise. An insider of the Gaming Revolution told about the leak on Twitter, a photo was sent to him by an anonymous source.

According to the images, users who buy Doritos chips will be able to activate the code and get a doubled experience in the new part of the shooter. In 2019, Activision held the same promotion for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare — products appeared on shelves a month before the game’s release. Doritos in the new packaging can not be purchased in the store yet.

Activision has not officially announced the name of the new part of the Call of Duty series and its release date. Journalists and insiders have already assumed that the next Call of Duty will be subtitled Black Ops Cold War. Players also found a hint of a new part of the franchise in Warzone.

Epic Games distributed $42 million to developers of projects on Unreal Engine 4

Epic Games told how it managed the funds that it promised to spend on budding game developers and on the Unreal Engine 4. over the year, more than 600 projects received support under the Epic MegaGrants program — in total, their authors were given more than $42 million.

On YouTube, the company presented some of the works of authors who have already received support. Epic Games will continue to Finance interesting projects. The program was also sponsored by AMD, which allocated 200 processors for AMD Ryzen 7 3800X desktop PCs.

Epic Games:
“The mission of Epic MegaGrants is to stimulate creativity, unlock potential, and remove barriers, allowing authors to create amazing things.”

Epic Games allocated $100 million in grants in 2019 at the GDC conference. Potential grant recipients must fall into one of five categories: game development, media and entertainment, entrepreneurship, education, and open source development.

Ghost of Tsushima was released

On the PlayStation 4 released a samurai action game in the open world of Ghost of Tsushima (“Ghost of Tsushima”). The standard edition in the PS Store can be purchased for ₽4.5 thousand, and the extended edition – for ₽5.1 thousand.

The events of Ghost of Tsushima unfold during the invasion of Japan by Mongol troops in the XIII century. The main character of the action was Jin Sakai-the nephew of the ruler of Tsushima island. To overcome opponents, he will gradually ” give up the way of the samurai and become a Ghost.”

The average rating of the action on the review aggregator is 83 points out of 100 from the press. Journalists praised the game for its gameplay and visual style, and criticized it for being secondary.

The developers of Valorant said that they do not plan to add the ability to select a map

The developers of Valorant conducted a weekly series of questions and answers. This time, the authors of the shooter told about the choice of cards for matchmaking, the spectator mode and the number of players of the maximum rank.
Riot Games:
“We really want to guarantee that the matchmaking matches will not only be equal in strength of participants, but also their search will take a reasonable time. Splitting matchmaking into separate pools of cards will reduce the number of players in the overall search. This will significantly slow down the search for a match, as well as increase the spread in the rating of its participants. With this in mind, we currently have no plans to add a map selection option.”

In addition, Riot Games employees said that they are working on a spectator mode for Valorant to make the shooter “an exciting and entertaining eSports discipline.” The authors also said that at the moment in each region from 20 to 150 users were able to reach the highest rank.

Earlier, an employee of Riot Games under the nickname Altombre reported that the Studio is considering options to strengthen Viper in Valorant. According to him, developers can change the hero in the next update, but so far it is only in the plans.

Xbox published a teaser for the July presentation of exclusives

Microsoft presented a teaser for the July presentation of Xbox exclusives. She depicted it as a Windows desktop Wallpaper, where some folder names are game names. The image was posted on Twitter.

Among the titles in the image, you can see Halo Infinite and Cyberpunk 2077. The other folder names don’t reveal the names of the games, but they hint at what users should expect at the presentation. For example, information about the Project xCloud cloud service and Smart Delivery, as well as announcements from internal Xbox studios.

The presentation of Xbox series x exclusives will take place on July 23 at 19: 00 Moscow time. Earlier, the network reported that the event will be attended by representatives of the Undead Labs Studio-they own the State of Decay series.

JAMES on meta in Dota 2: “I Want to see new heroes and a more active game»

Support Team Empire JAMA James Abdurashitov shared his opinion about meta in Dota 2. the eSports Player noted that he would like to see new heroes and a more aggressive style of play. Abdurashitov said this in an interview with the team portal.

Quotes are published with the source’s spelling and punctuation preserved

JAMA jAMES Abdurashitov:
“To be honest, we are tired of the same characters, as well as the fact that there is a more passive game. Farm is more valuable than the Ganges. I want to see new characters and a more active game, but at the same time there is a balance between farming and Ganges.”

JAMES also named his dream in eSports. He stated that he wants to win the series the International.

JAMA James Abdurashitov:
“My dream, like many players, is the same. This is, of course, to experience the feeling of winning LAN tournaments and lift Aegis of Champions over your head.”

Earlier, Abdurashitov told about the team’s participation in the BEYOND EPIC tournament for Europe and the CIS. Then he noted that the team wanted to get a new experience of playing at the shooting range-1 level and did not set a goal to win.

The developers of Microsoft Flight Simulator named the start date of the last stage of alpha testing

Asobo Studio announced that the final stage of alpha testing of Microsoft Flight Simulator will begin on July 9. After launching the last stage, the developers will prepare a closed beta. Information about this appeared on the official website of the Studio.

The exact date of the start of closed beta testing is unknown — it was promised to be called later. Previously, Asobo Studio planned to start this stage in mid-July, but now it is likely to be launched at the end of the month.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is in alpha testing since the end of 2019. The exact release date of the game developers have not yet announced. At the moment, it is known that it will be released before the end of 2020, but not before August.

RodjER: “When I was playing Virtus.pro, bootcamps were a very important part»

HellRaisers player Vladimir RodjER Nikoghosyan spoke about the 7.27 patch for Dota 2, and also shared his opinion about the current game form Virtus.pro. In an interview Gameinside.org he noted that his former team lacks a collective Bootcamp, and with the return of LAN tournaments, players will also be motivated.

According to RodjER, patch 7.27 introduced some nice changes for support. The esportsman believes that this update can also affect the placement of lines and return the 3-1-1 scheme to the meta.

Quotes are published with the source’s spelling and punctuation preserved

Vladimir RodjER Nikoghosyan:
“The same Tranquill Boots have become cheaper: nice. Smoke of Deceit has become cheaper, you can buy early to CD went. Tome of Knowledge has become cheaper: also nice. There are a lot of such small pleasures for saps. I also noticed that a lot of money is given for kills and streaks. Too much. <…>

Rather, it was done so that all sorts of heroes and saps who “split”,” skip “bundles and “space”, so that they gave less for them. Because it didn’t even make sense to kill them before. <…>

I believe that now triple lines will appear much more often. Again, the kill formula was changed. More experience is given. It is profitable now to kill three of one hero. So everything will be more active.”

RodjER is confident that with the return of LAN tournaments, Virtus.pro and other teams will be more motivated to train. The player suggested that this may be the reason for the decline of his former team.

Vladimir RodjER Nikoghosyan:
“There are only Solo and Noone left. Three other players joined them. I don’t know what kind of atmosphere they have in the team right now. Perhaps this is due to the loss of motivation due to the fact that the tournaments are online. They don’t give their best. Plus they don’t have bootcamps right now. When I was playing in Virtus.pro, boot camps were a very important part. We talked about DotA, thought different things together, “timberlines”. Perhaps they will play better when LAN tournaments and majors appear again.”

July 3 HellRaisers and Virtus.pro they met in the first round of the top bracket of Parimatch League Season 3. the Match ended with a score of 2: 1 in favor of Alexey Solo Berezin’s team.

Canadian CS:GO commentator accused of rape

Ex-girlfriend of a canadian CS commentator: Govindasama’s GO mohana launders told of a case where he had sex with her without her consent. According to Melanie, this happened in 2017 and caused her deep depression and psychological problems. The girl wrote about the incident on Twitter.
“One day I didn’t want to have sex because I wasn’t feeling very well. At first he agreed, but then later that day we were sitting on his black futon and he started hitting on me. I told him to his face that I didn’t want sex, and he said, “I don’t care. I want to do it right now.” His gaze was terrifying. He leaned over and held me while I cried and begged him to stop. I was lying on my back with my head hanging off the futon. I was crying, but I couldn’t do anything, I was numb and didn’t understand what was happening to me.

When he finished, he didn’t even know what he’d done to me. I tried to explain to him that this was wrong, but in response, he just suggested using the safe word next time. As if saying no and begging him to stop wasn’t enough for him. He felt absolutely no remorse.”

In the comments to the recording, the girl wrote that she has no evidence of what happened, except for correspondence with a close friend. She told him what had happened a few minutes after the incident. The conversation in the chat is dated 2017 and repeats the story she described.
“I understand that people are expressing doubts about what happened. Personally, I don’t feel like I have to prove anything to anyone. It will still be a “he said — I said” situation if there is no way to provide any evidence. I only have old correspondence with a close friend where I told him about what happened that day. I wrote to him a few minutes after the incident.”

Launders is a canadian commentator and CS:GO analyst. Worked on the BLAST series, StarSeries & i-League, EPICENTER, Esports Championship Series, cs_summit, DreamHack and other events. At the time of news publication, launders had no comment on the former girlfriend’s allegations.

The US army has become a partner of the American Call of Duty team

The American call of Duty Chicago Huntsmen and the US army have entered into a partnership agreement. The team announced this on Twitter. Details of the collaboration are unknown.

In December 2019, the military Department changed the budget allocation for 2020, abandoning television in favor of digital technologies. Two months later, the US Navy announced a partnership with DreamHack and ESL, and in March, it became known about the army’s collaboration with the organization Evil Geniuses. Another similar deal was reported in April — when the US national guard became a partner of the Complexity Limit Guild from World of Warcraft.

Chicago Huntsmen is an American club that was founded in September 2019. It is owned by NRG eSports. Since 2020, the team participates in the professional Call of Duty League, in which it became the champion of the second week of the competition in Atlanta. For the first place, the Chicago Huntsmen earned $50 thousand.

“We are interested in cooperation” – the organizers of BEYOND EPIC appealed to bloggers on YouTube

The management of Epic Esports Events turned to bloggers who publish highlights and other materials from the BEYOND EPIC Dota 2 tournament on their YouTube channels. According to the organizers, they are open to cooperation, but ask to fulfill certain conditions, which you can learn more about by email.

Published with the source’s spelling and punctuation preserved
Epic Esports Events:
“Dear YouTube bloggers! We know that many of you are fans of our EPIC tournaments. This is a small but extremely important message — for you.

We are interested in collaborating and sharing content — including within the framework of the BEYOND EPIC tournament. You can publish videos with our commentators ‘ voice-overs, match highlights, and other content on your channels if you meet simple conditions.

If you are interested in cooperation, please contact info@epicenter.gg specifying a link to your YouTube channel. We will tell you what you need to do to prevent your videos from getting strikes.

Let’s share a beautiful DotA!»

BEYOND EPIC for Europe and the CIS runs online from June 15 to 28. Teams play a prize pool of $200 thousand.

Detective quest from the authors of Life is Strange and Vampyr will be a temporary exclusive of EGS

Detective quest Twin Mirror from the creators of Life is Strange and Vampyr will be a temporary exclusive of the Epic Games Store. Dontnod Entertainment announced this in the game’s teaser announcement. The video was shown during the presentation of PC Gaming Show 2020.

According to the DSOGaming portal, the agreement allowed the Studio to implement all creative ideas, as well as not to split the game into different parts. Dontnod will release the full title immediately.

Twin Mirror is scheduled for release in 2020, but the exact release date is still unknown. The game will be available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Earlier, Gematsu portal reported that Dontnod Entertainment has opened a Studio in Montreal, which will deal with the company’s new project.

Team Liquid will play FURIA Esports in the final of the North American DreamHack Masters Spring 2020

Team Liquid defeated 100 Thieves in the final match of the lower bracket DreamHack Masters Spring 2020 CS:GO for North America. The opponent of nick nitr0 Cannella’s line-up in the Grand final of the tournament will be FURIA Esports. The meeting will be held on June 14.

100 Thieves left the competition. The team took third place and earned $15 thousand. Cloud9, Gen.G, MIBR, Chaos and Evil Geniuses also finished earlier in the championship.

DreamHack Masters Spring 2020 for North America runs online from may 19 to June 14. Eight teams are raffling off $100,000.

In June, Blizzard banned 124,000 Chinese players in WoW-these were bots and cheaters

Blizzard reported on blocking accounts on Chinese servers of World of Warcraft. Since the beginning of June, the company has banned 124,204 accounts for violating the license agreement. The full list of nicknames of violators is published on the forum.

In the last week of may, the company also banned 211 thousand accounts. According to reports, most of the cheaters play World of Warcraft Classic. On the version of Battle for Azeroth, there were about 18 thousand violators at the end of may, and 10 thousand at the beginning of June.

Bots on Chinese servers WoW — one of the main problems of MMORPG, Classic users often complain about the abundance of unscrupulous players. We have already written about how gamers turned to Blizzard with a request to reduce the number of cheaters.

Sony received a $2.4 million fine for violating consumer rights

An Australian court has sentenced Sony to a $2.4 million fine for violating consumer rights. The Japanese company refused four users who tried to return the purchased games. Sony pleaded guilty.

The trial began in 2018. Sony representatives told four customers that the possibility of a refund is blocked immediately after downloading the game from the PSN or 14 days after purchase, if the title has never been launched.

This policy of Sony is contrary to Australian law. Rod Sims, Chairman of the national competition and consumer Commission, noted that digital purchases are covered by the same warranty as physical copies of games, and it cannot be revoked due to Sony’s internal rules.

The Australian court document stated that the games that users tried to return were “defective”. Whether the product was damaged or simply did not satisfy consumers ‘ tastes is not specified.

The court also drew attention to another violation on the part of Sony: representatives of the company’s technical support told one of the clients that they would only be able to reimburse him for the cost of the game in the PlayStation virtual currency. Rod Sims indicated that the company must return the money in the form in which it was paid for the product.

Sony agreed with the court’s decision and will pay a fine, as well as reimburse all the costs of the regulator in the case. Representatives of the company did not comment on the situation.

Media: filming of the second season of “the Witcher” will resume in mid-summer

Filming for the second season of Netflix’s “the Witcher” may resume in late July or mid-August. This opinion was reached by redanian Intelligence journalists with reference to an interview with the production Director of the series, Bob Terry.

In a conversation with Deadline reporters, Terry said that work is currently underway to open a Studio where filming will resume. Over the next two weeks, Terry will talk to team members to finalize the site’s safety rules.

The release of the second season of “the Witcher” from Netflix is scheduled for 2021. The debut of the show took place at the end of 2019. It was warmly received by critics and fans, and had a positive impact on sales of the franchise’s games.

Natus Vincere lost their third match at ESL One Birmingham 2020

Natus Vincere lost to Team Secret in the ESL One Birmingham 2020 Dota 2 group stage match for Europe and the CIS. Idan MagicaL Vardanyan’s team lost the match with a score of 0: 2 and did not earn points.

Team Secret won the fifth victory and equaled on points with Nigma, which leads group A. the next secret match will take place against the KURO KuroKy team of Salehi Takhasomi on may 31 at 17:00 Moscow time. In a parallel match, NAVI will compete with Team Liquid.

European and CIS division matches at ESL One Birmingham 2020 take place online from 24 may to 7 June. Teams play a prize pool of $200 thousand.

Qikert after winning Virtus.pro at BLAST Premier CIS Cup: “Good mood, finally»

Alexey Qikert Golubev commented on the victory Virtus.pro on BLAST Premier CIS Cup CS:GO. On Twitter, he noted that his mood had finally lifted, and also thanked forZe for the game.
Alexey Qikert Golubev:
“Good mood, finally. GG, forZe”.

In the final of the CIS Cup qualification tournament, Qikert team defeated forZe with a score of 2: 1. Virtus.pro got a slot on BLAST Premier: Spring 2020 Showdown for Europe.

The Spring Showdown tournament will be held from June 1 to June 15. VP will play in group B together with Fnatic, mousesports, Team Dignitas and MAD Lions. The prize Fund of the contest composes $182,5 thousand teams also will compete for three slots in the final championship series.

4 Zoomers started their performance at Vulkan Fight Series with a loss

4 Zoomers lost to Nova in the Vulkan Fight Series Dota 2 group stage match. Nico Gunnar Lopez’s Team finished the match with a score of 0: 2 and did not earn points.

In the next match, Nova will fight Khan. The meeting is scheduled for may 31, 13: 55 Moscow time. It is not known when the rest of the group stage matches will be played.

Vulkan Fight Series runs online from may 23 to June 13. Participants draw $10 thousand, of which $6 thousand will go to the winner.