On the packaging of Doritos chips found the logo Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War-netizens suggested that this name will be the next part of the franchise. An insider of the Gaming Revolution told about the leak on Twitter, a photo was sent to him by an anonymous source.

According to the images, users who buy Doritos chips will be able to activate the code and get a doubled experience in the new part of the shooter. In 2019, Activision held the same promotion for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare — products appeared on shelves a month before the game’s release. Doritos in the new packaging can not be purchased in the store yet.

Activision has not officially announced the name of the new part of the Call of Duty series and its release date. Journalists and insiders have already assumed that the next Call of Duty will be subtitled Black Ops Cold War. Players also found a hint of a new part of the franchise in Warzone.

Epic Games distributed $42 million to developers of projects on Unreal Engine 4

Epic Games told how it managed the funds that it promised to spend on budding game developers and on the Unreal Engine 4. over the year, more than 600 projects received support under the Epic MegaGrants program — in total, their authors were given more than $42 million.

On YouTube, the company presented some of the works of authors who have already received support. Epic Games will continue to Finance interesting projects. The program was also sponsored by AMD, which allocated 200 processors for AMD Ryzen 7 3800X desktop PCs.

Epic Games:
“The mission of Epic MegaGrants is to stimulate creativity, unlock potential, and remove barriers, allowing authors to create amazing things.”

Epic Games allocated $100 million in grants in 2019 at the GDC conference. Potential grant recipients must fall into one of five categories: game development, media and entertainment, entrepreneurship, education, and open source development.