Soedesco and PixelHive have announced the release of the 1990s-inspired platformer Kaze and the Wild Masks on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Pixel art platformer will be presented in two versions – digital and physical. The Xbox One demo is now available during the Xbox One Summer Gaming Festival on July 27th.

Go on a journey with Kaze and you can travel back to the nineties in time. And to the Crystal Islands in space. An unknown curse has come to the islands and Kaze must rescue her friend Hogo by fighting against the revived plants and vegetables. And only legendary masks possessing the power of the keepers of land, air and sea will help you on your journey.

Desperados III Free Upgrade Unlocks New Content

The free update for Desperados III, which is now available on all platforms, brings you Baron’s Challenge Mission Pack # 1. Flagston, Higgins Manor, Eagle River and DeWitt House.
Disappeared: A certain snake oil merchant trades in Flagston’s town square. Let it disappear.
Unnamed Voodoo: Isabelle is about to disrupt Mayor Higgins’ wedding with a LOT of mind control darts.
Public transport: Two corpses are to be taken to the Eagle River train station. The guards won’t shoot right away, but if they spot a corpse …
Bird Hunt: Doc sits on the roof of DeWitt’s House with lots of ammo and a list of five targets. The party continues.

Dark Renaissance will be released in 2021

VLG, a growing and future-oriented Italian publisher specializing in multifaceted and deep storytelling, and Studio V, the creator of last year’s acclaimed psychological thriller Dry Drowning, present their latest epic visual novel, Dark Renaissance.

Created by international bestselling author Matteo Strukul, who specializes in historical fiction, to music by renowned composer David Logan, the story is inspired by role-playing, historical play and graphic novel. It tells the story of the fate of a Venetian mercenary who has to uncover the eerie secrets of the scientific, artistic and cultural achievements of the 15th century Renaissance. The game will premiere in 2021.