On the PlayStation 4 released a samurai action game in the open world of Ghost of Tsushima (“Ghost of Tsushima”). The standard edition in the PS Store can be purchased for ₽4.5 thousand, and the extended edition – for ₽5.1 thousand.

The events of Ghost of Tsushima unfold during the invasion of Japan by Mongol troops in the XIII century. The main character of the action was Jin Sakai-the nephew of the ruler of Tsushima island. To overcome opponents, he will gradually ” give up the way of the samurai and become a Ghost.”

The average rating of the action on the review aggregator is 83 points out of 100 from the press. Journalists praised the game for its gameplay and visual style, and criticized it for being secondary.

The developers of Valorant said that they do not plan to add the ability to select a map

The developers of Valorant conducted a weekly series of questions and answers. This time, the authors of the shooter told about the choice of cards for matchmaking, the spectator mode and the number of players of the maximum rank.
Riot Games:
“We really want to guarantee that the matchmaking matches will not only be equal in strength of participants, but also their search will take a reasonable time. Splitting matchmaking into separate pools of cards will reduce the number of players in the overall search. This will significantly slow down the search for a match, as well as increase the spread in the rating of its participants. With this in mind, we currently have no plans to add a map selection option.”

In addition, Riot Games employees said that they are working on a spectator mode for Valorant to make the shooter “an exciting and entertaining eSports discipline.” The authors also said that at the moment in each region from 20 to 150 users were able to reach the highest rank.

Earlier, an employee of Riot Games under the nickname Altombre reported that the Studio is considering options to strengthen Viper in Valorant. According to him, developers can change the hero in the next update, but so far it is only in the plans.