Epic Games has changed the payment system in Fortnite for iOS and Android users. The company introduced a new feature that allows you to make purchases directly from the developer, bypassing the Commission of Google and Apple.

Previously, Google Play and the App Store took 30% of microtransactions — for a thousand V-bucks, the user paid $9.99. According to the new system, the price will be $7.99. Epic Games also lowered the price of game currency — now it will cost 20% less. For PC users, changes will occur automatically, and smartphone owners need to select a new payment function in the settings to get a discount.

The new payment system is not yet operational in a number of countries, including Russia. Users in these regions will only be able to make purchases using Apple and Google.

Published new screenshots from the remake of Mafia — including the main characters of the game

Hangar 13 Studio showed new screenshots from Mafia: Definitive Edition. The footage captures the night and morning landscapes of Lost haven (the main location of the game), as well as the main characters, including don Salieri, Tommy Angelo, Paulie and Sam.

The last time the developers of the mafia remake published new screenshots from the game on August 6. Then they shared concept art of various scenes, including the mission at the airport. Hangar 13 also reiterated that it strives to preserve the atmosphere of the original and at the same time complement it with the latest technologies.

Mafia: Definitive Edition will be released on September 25, 2020. The title will be released on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Earlier, the head of development of the original game ridiculed the remake: he criticized the new gameplay solutions and the design of a number of characters.

In EGS started the distribution of the Total War Saga: Troy. It will only last 24 hours

The new part of the Total War series is now available for download in the Epic Games Store. For the first 24 hours, the game can be added to the library for free. After that, Total War Saga: Troy will cost ₽2,079. The first year after the release of the title will be an EGS exclusive.

Total War Saga: Troy combines the realistic approach of Rome: Total War with the more fantasy-like approach presented in Total War: Warhammer. An important place in the gameplay will be played by gods and monsters from ancient Greek mythology: for example, giants are represented by very large people, and centaurs are just riders on horses. The gods, if you disrespect them, can send natural disasters, but they do not participate in battles.

The average rating of the new product from game journalists is 75 points out of 100. Critics note the variety of mechanics of the factions represented in the game and the interesting management of cities. Among the disadvantages of the title are a small variety of units and the lack of bright changes in the long-established formula.