When shooting from Dual Berettas in CS:GO cartridges in the right and left handguns are consumed unevenly, since the shots do not alternate with each other. Fans of the game posted a video showing this feature.

Initially, Dual Berettas were only available to players on the side of terrorists, but in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the developers added them to special forces. Users of these semi-automatic pistols have 30 rounds in the magazine and another 120 in stock. Their cost in the shooter from Valve is $400.

Previously in CS:GO found a bug that allows you to see through walls on the Mirage map. While in this position, the player can also kill opponents by shooting through the wall.

Seized on the transition to Cyber Legacy: “I’m Sure I made the right choice»

Denis seized Kostin spoke about his transition to the cyber Legacy CS:GO team. He noted that he was also invited to the pro100, but the eSports player decided to join CL, as he believes that it can make a good team. Kostin said this during a personal broadcast on Twitch.

Seized added that it is confident in the decision to join the Cyber Legacy. The player also noted that the team should have a coach, who has not yet been announced.
Denis seized Kostin:
“Yes, [I was invited to pro100]. <..> At a distance, for many reasons, I think there will be more prospects here [in Cyber Legacy]. If you take the composition of pro100 and CL, it is clear that pro100 is stronger — established players, more invites. But at a distance [from Cyber Legacy], you can make a good team.

I’m sure I made the right choice. It remains only to work and prove it in practice. < … > Plus, the team must come to the coach, the announcement of which is not yet available. He will help us a lot, because at the present time it is very difficult without a coach and a good organization behind us.”

Cyber Legacy announced changes to the roster on may 20. Together with seized, Timur clax Sabirov joined the team — he became the fifth member of the line-up.