Blizzard announced that it is ending active support for StarCraft II: for example, new paid content such as commanders and loot containers will no longer be released for the game. But the strategy will still not be left without patches, the company emphasizes.

In the future, for StarCraft II they are going to release only updates with balance changes and update seasons. The esports scene will continue to exist: Blizzard handed over the StarCraft II tournaments to its partners in early 2020, but will provide prize pools for the competition for at least two more years.

According to VP Rob Bridenbecker, StarCraft is one of Blizzard’s key franchises. After the end of active support for SCII, they are not going to score a series. “We understand that some players were interested in elements that will not be featured in the game, but there is good news: the changes will allow us to plan for the future not only for StarCraft II, but for the StarCraft universe as a whole,” writes Bryndenbecker.

In honor of StarCraft II’s 10th birthday in July 2020, Blizzard released a huge patch 5.0. It is so large that the company decided not to make any balance sheet adjustments in the fourth quarter of this year.


The day before, something went wrong, and on the page of the Boston Uprising team from the Overwatch League, an offer to pick up a free copy of Overwatch appeared. The freebie was quickly shut down, but Blizzard confirmed that it would be back soon.

According to Overwatch League Vice President Jon Spector, each team in the League organizes the giveaway – fans will be able to get hold of both the game itself and the esports tokens that are used to purchase League skins.

The Boston Uprising offer page is now showing the following: “Due to high demand, the form has been closed. All eligible participants will receive codes within 72 hours. ” As PC Gamer adds, the promotion had the following restrictions:

distribute only the PC version,
you must be a resident of the United States,
The code request must be submitted by January 15th.
In general, the free giveaway is confusing and clearly does not portend the transition of Overwatch to free-play, which sofa experts often talk about. The promotion is intended rather to increase the popularity of the League among viewers – they will have to go to the e-sports event page!