One thousand and one bugs-the authors of Marvel’s Avengers released a major update

Crystal Dynamics Studio has introduced a V1.3.0 patch that fixes more than a thousand issues found in Marvel’s Avengers. The team announced this on the official Square Enix website. Information about existing bugs was collected within two weeks. As part of the first global update, matchmaking was improved, and errors in the combat system, tests, […]

For Lord of the Rings Online prepare a mini-addon with the edition for 99 dollars

The Lord of the Rings Online team is working on a major game addition Gundabad, which will send players to the homeland of Durin the Immortal. It will be released in 2021, but before that, we are waiting for another mini-addition.Studio Standing Stone Games announced that in October will be released update 28, called War […]

The OMEGA League final for Europe was the third most watched in 2020

The decisive confrontation between Team Secret and OG at OMEGA League Dota 2 in the Immortal division was included in the top three most popular matches of the year. Statistics were provided by the Esports Charts resource. At its peak, 400,000 people watched the final meeting at OMEGA League. In 2020, only the decisive confrontations […]

Screenshots comparing the original and remaster of Age of Empires III appeared online

Following the official announcement of Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition, the developers presented screenshots comparing models from the original game and the remaster. They were shared by Tantalus Media on the franchise’s Twitter account. The updated version will support 4K resolution, redesigned models, and improved interface, soundtrack, and sound. In addition, the reissue will […]

Epic Games has updated the payment system in Fortnite for iOS and Android — this has reduced the price of game currency

Epic Games has changed the payment system in Fortnite for iOS and Android users. The company introduced a new feature that allows you to make purchases directly from the developer, bypassing the Commission of Google and Apple. Previously, Google Play and the App Store took 30% of microtransactions — for a thousand V-bucks, the user […]

Fast & Furious Crossroads was released — the game has already been hacked

Fast & Furious Crossroads (“Fast And Furious: Intersections”) was released on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. According to the CrackWatch portal, the game’s anti-piracy protection was immediately hacked by the CODEX group. The review aggregators Metacritic and OpenCritic do not yet have reviews from the mainstream press. In Steam at the time of publication […]