Apple has removed the developer account and Epic Games page from the App Store. Now the Studio’s apps are no longer available to users of iOS devices. This decision did not affect support for the Unreal Engine on the platform.

“Unfortunately, we were forced to disable the Epic Games account in the App Store. We have worked with this company for many years on its releases. The court recommended that Epic Games comply with the site’s rules for the duration of the case — the same rules that it has respected for the past ten years. But the Studio refused. Instead, Epic has repeatedly uploaded updates to Fortnite that directly violate the platform’s regulations. This is not fair to other developers in the App Store. In addition, Epic draws users into its struggle. We hope that we will work together again in the future, but this is not possible today.”

From now on, Epic Games apps cannot be downloaded or updated via the App Store. Apple warned the company about its actions for two weeks. The platform holder demanded that Fortnite developers disable the feature that allowed paying for in-game purchases without Commission.

Epic Games added a corresponding feature to the “battle Royale” on August 13. After that, the game was removed from the App Store and Google Play, and the Studio filed lawsuits against the platform holders. The company asked the court to order opponents to return Fortnite to their stores without rolling back the controversial feature, but was refused. At the same time, Apple was forbidden to disable support for the Unreal Engine — Epic Games provides access to it through a third-party account.

Post Malone became a shareholder of the eSports club Envy Gaming

American performer Austin Richard Post better known as Post Malone acquired a share of the eSports organization Envy Gaming. The club consists of teams in seven disciplines.

Details of the deal were not disclosed, but representatives of the organization officially announced it on Twitter. He also greeted the fans of the club, in particular the Call of Duty — Dallas Empire line-up.

Post Malone:
“I grew up in Texas and played video games all my life, so it seemed like the right decision. I’ve always wanted to help integrate gaming into professional sports, and Envy does it in my home country — it’s perfect for me.”

Post Malone also hosts personal broadcasts on Twitch and is an Ambassador for HyperX. Other celebrities have previously invested in eSports, including Imagine Dragons and Drake. Recently, rappers Pusha T and Logic bought a stake in GG Group, which owns the eSports organization Chaos.